5 Helpful Tips For Disabled Singles

Disabled Singles Dating
Disabled Singles Dating

A disability is not and should not be thought of as the end of one’s life though it could sometimes feel that way.  Being a disabled single should not be taken as the norm and that disabled individuals wanting to be with someone or to fall in love with someone as an oddity.

Consider the following tips and see if it makes sense to you:

1. To start with, disabled singles should uphold a very positive mind set.  Admittedly, it could be hard at first to accept the disability and the limitations and challenges it presents.  But think about it, will mulling about your condition incessantly, shunning the outside world and isolating yourself change one iota of your condition?  Knowing that the answer is a resounding no, then you have to work with what you still have – your talents, skills, your amazing personality and everything that makes you a wonderful individual that other single individuals, disabled or not will not fail to notice.

2. Rebuild your confidence.  Your disability can surely limit you but that does not make you inferior or less worthy in any way.  If you see yourself as being inferior, then that is how others will perceive and treat you.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Dress up, fix yourself and go out to meet people.  Learn to do things on your own and don’t expect people to be always attending to your needs.  Strive to be pretty always inside and out and you will find people gravitate towards you despite your disability.

3. Find new interests or revisit old ones. You could paint, sing, write, or learn new skills or disciplines.  Endeavor on activities that will keep your beautiful mind and body active and exercised.  This could put you in touch with other like-minded people who have the same interests and passions such as yours and that could blossom into something even more rewarding.

4. Make the move.  Making the first move to leave your comfort zone to meet other people may not be that easy.  There are just too many excuses available when in reality your fears are tying you down to your couch across the TV set or your computer chair.  If you get the courage to make the move, that could be followed by a second one and it will get easier as you go along.  Being in a circle of friends and acquaintances can put you back to a normal setting and as you get comfortable being in circulation again, those you get meet with will also become comfortable being in your presence.

5. Use the internet.  If your disability poses serious mobility problems, or if going out proves to be quite daunting for you, then there are internet dating sites that can connect you to hundreds of individuals both disabled and able bodied.  Using these sites will give you an opportunity to get to know people at your own pace.  You need not be tied down to one chat mate, you can communicate with a number of individuals, then decide if there is somebody out there that is worth your time and full attention.