A Guide To Disabled Dating

Disabled Singles Dating UK
Disabled Singles Dating UK

Hoping to find the “perfect” mate could definitely be most challenging and it becomes even more complicated if one has a disability.  Let’s face it, most people’s definition of “perfect” is  “without blemish”, ergo, without any disability.

Fortunately today, more and more people are able to see beyond the individual’s disability and realize that they can also be amazing, talented, productive, and loving individuals.  Now that we have hurdled that negative mind set about disabilities, how do we find these people who could be willing to give physically-challenged individuals the love that they deserve?

Did somebody just say the internet, you are absolutely right.  The internet abounds with chat rooms that are specially created for individuals with disabilities.  Choose a reputable site that will cater to your requirements and register as a member.

Start chatting with a number of individuals, telling them about yourself and your disability.  Initial chats do not have to be too intense nor too mediocre.  This could be a “getting to know you” phase and you don’t want to misrepresent yourself.  Don’t get excited easily as you have to give this stage more time so you can get to know more about the people you chat with, discover their real personalities, if that is at all possible, before you decide if meeting with them on an actual date would be a good thing.

Online chatting has its downside as well because the people you chat with are veiled in anonymity; so learn to recognize tell-tale signs of trickery.  Never share revealing and personal information to new online “friends”.  Create a new email address just for the purpose of this online chatting.  Some unscrupulous individuals think that people with disability are more vulnerable and are easier to con than others.

Of course, after chatting with an individual who you find interesting and likeable enough, you would like to take this to the next level, which is meeting him or her face to face for a date.  However this could be a milestone for you, before taking this big step, make sure that you are emotionally ready for whatever the outcome may be.  Do not disregard the basic rules of safety and meet him or her just like that.  Prepare for it just like a normal date, let your family or friends where you will be meeting.

Just like in normal dating things may not turn out the way you hope it will be.  Yes, it could be a venue where you can finally find your “soulmate” but it could also turn out to be a big disappointment.  But you cannot just stop there and give up.

There are hundreds of people to meet just waiting for the right moment.  The greatest accomplishment and fun would be getting to meet and know more people, becoming at ease with your disabilities as you learning to deal with it.  And when you finally find the one you have been searching for, have fun, savour each moment with him or her and take the relationship through new levels not in one big leap but one step at a time.