3 Important Facts About Dating For Disabled

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Dating is a an important part of the human wooing process wherein two people meet socially for starters and depending on the resulting feelings, this can lead to different directions such as friendship, companionship, intimacy or ultimately, marriage.  Sounds like a long and winding process, doesn’t it?  The dating scenario is not simple as it seems because it almost always comes with physical, emotional, and mental entanglements like no other.

If you think dating between able-bodied individuals is complex, wait till you see a dating for disabled process between disabled singles and you might say this is not for the faint of heart.  As we present the following facts, see if you would want to take on such an endeavor.

Myth: Disabled individuals and those with chronic illnesses are not desirable


This trend of thought might have been acceptable during ancient history but today, people are more open minded and are able to see beyond the person’s disability.  A disability is not the total individual, it is a part of him that can be easily overshadowed by a sunny personality, a beautiful mind, kindness, or creativity.  These are other things that makes a person desirable other than a perfect physique.  There are people that are attracted to a good sense of humor or can spend hours and hours of talking with somebody about literature, music, or movies.  Or a disabled lady can effectively win his man’s heart through his stomach.

Myth:  Disabled individuals and those with chronic illnesses are not romantically or sexually inclined


Intimacy, and the need to love and be loved was not exclusively made for the able-bodied and “normal” individuals alone.  All of creation as they live and breathe need to express love in many different ways.  Intimacy can be done through touching, nuzzling, kissing, holding hands, and cuddling.  Sexual relationship with a disabled partner is highly possible, although the disability can present some physical limitations.  But if there is a will and if these two people are truly in love they will surely find a way.  You have to talk to your partner about this seriously and come to an understanding as to what is comfortable, acceptable and enjoyable to both partners.  Disabled individuals are as sexual as the next person and they can convey their desires and desirability in diverse ways.

Myth: Disability alienates the disabled individual and it will be almost impossible to understand them or make them understand you.


Communication is vital for any relationship to succeed. Disability in any form is very hard to accept and understand why this has to happen to you.  Dealing with it, try as hard as we could is something that is easier said than done.  But deal with it we must if want to continue on living and salvaging whatever good part of the relationship is left.    Communicate with your partner, draw him/her out from his self-imposed exile.  Discuss the disability openly and how you can deal with the limitations and the challenges.  You can also mutually determine what you can and cannot do so you are in the same page.

Another additional fact and perhaps, the most important of all is that TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL and we leave you with that though in mind.